Do’s & Don’ts


We are pleased to make this special place available to those who respect and treasure it.


Ask the caretakers for any assistance

  • Keep dry and store away all cushions, books, equipment, etc.
  • Remember to store the private service sign
  • Remove all personal belongings and trash
  • Snap all locks and return key if you borrowed it
  • Use only the designated bathroom facilities


  • Bring beer. alcohol, or food anywhere on the island or docks at any time – including the rehearsal
  • Invite media publicity. Pictures taken on the island are for private use only. Do not allow the photographer to ruin the occasion for wedding guests by intrusive picture-taking.
  • Use Fire in any form (Including candles)
  • Use staples, tacks, nails etc. on the pews, trees or buildings
  • Cut trees, branches or greens