Do’s & Don’ts


We are pleased to make this special place available to those who respect and treasure it.


    • Ask the caretakers for any assistance
    • Keep dry and store away all cushions, books, equipment, etc.
    • Remember to store the private service sign
    • Remove all personal belongings and trash
    • Snap all locks and return key if you borrowed it
    • Use only the designated bathroom facilities
    • Wear masks and follow appropriate social distancing behaviors
    • Sign a group release
          • PLEASE DO NOT….
    •  Bring any alcohol  or food anywhere on the Island or docks at any time
    • Invite media publicity.  Pictures taken on the Island are for private use only.  Do not allow the photographer to ruin the occasion for wedding guests by intrusive picture taking
    • Use fire of any form (including candles)

      Use staples, tacks, nails etc. on the pews, trees or buildings
      Cut trees, branches or greens

      Exceed the group levels allowed by the State of New Hampshire

    • Pets are not allowed on Church Island unless they are approved Service Animals